About Biratex

Due to the fact that Bitcoin and other digital currencies are considered a reliable and important asset for investment, and on the other hand, the security and simplicity of these transactions are of particular importance, the Biratex team decided to create a system Safe, simple and professional considering the legal and legal requirements for investors to use and buy and sell digital currencies.

The Biratex system is a digital currency buying and selling platform for exchanging digital assets and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether and other digital currencies with the common currency of Iran (Rial), which aims to eliminate middlemen and make it easier and safer to buy. and sold, and also provides 24-hour buying and selling for subscribers.

  • Profitable Investment
  • Future Financial Transactions
  • Best Safe Money
  • Very ow risk of being hacked

The first goal of Biratex team is to create a safe and secure platform for making transactions and protecting investors' assets. For this reason, our team has used experts in the field of cyber security, who have always paid attention to the issue of security for the development and improvement of this platform.

Other advantages of the Biratex platform, in addition to guaranteeing the preservation of investors' assets, include the possibility of exchanging the world's top cryptocurrencies, quick access to capital through the application for all mobile phones and websites, the possibility of converting assets to each other in an integrated platform, protecting the assets of Iranian users against sanctions. International and reliable 24-hour support

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Biratex Road Map

From concept to public release

The Concept of Biratex
April 2019

July 2019

Legal review
Initial Design
September 2019
July 2020
Initial Launch

Public release
December 2021